Love oil spell


A sterilized glass jar
Rose essential oil
Jasmine essential oil
Orange blossom essential oil
Sweet almond or virgin olive oil
Two fresh rose petals
Two lodestones


A spell to make somebody fall in love with you.

Spell Casting

In a sterilized glass jar add two parts rose essential oil, one part jasmine essential oil, and one part neroli or Orange blossom oil. You can adjust the ingredients to suit your own tastes but do not let anyone element overwhelm the others. Then add six parts of a base oil such as sweet almond or virgin olive. Place two fresh rose petals and two lodestones in the jar. Gently mix the ingredients together, seal the jar, and let stand for 3 weeks in a cool dry dark corner. On the third week shake the jar strain the ingredients through muslin, and decant the liquid into an attractive glass bottle. Apply a drop of each at the base of the throat, behind the ear, and on the wrists when dating. The oil can also be dabbed onto cushions, pillows, linen, curtains and furnishings.
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