Love spell / potion


(red, white and/or pink) rose petals
2 red candles
1 white candle
cleansed (moon)water
apple seeds
a little bottle
a bowl

2 tealights
vanilla oil


This is both a love spell and a potion, you can use it to attract your crush. Now, obviously you have to be around him/her because your crush doesn't magically appear in your room! unless you're adding some other magic to the spell of course. I do encourage personalizing it.

Spell Casting

My spell was originally written in Dutch, just like the instructions. 


Clean your altar just like you always do. Put a red candle on the east- and west side of your altar. You put the white one in the middle, a little higher than the other ones. If you want to, you can take 2 tealights and put them below the candles, so it looks like a pentagon. This way you can connect the dots with lines in your head or with herbs like a pentagram.

  1. If you want, you can meditate before you begin.
  2. place the bottle and bowl in the middle and make sure that all the ingredients are on your altar (I put them outside the candle circle, but it is up to you).
  3. Light the candles clockwise while thinking about your crush. His/her smile, voice, everything you like about that person.
  4. keep thinking about your love while you put the apple seeds in the bottle one by one.
  5. put the petals an the water in the bowl, and try to visualize him
  6. Wait for a couple of minutes, and try to picture your person clearer and clearer, fill in every detail. You can also put the vanilla and cinnamon in the bottle.
  7.  pour the water in the bottle without the rose petals. 
  8. optional if you don't want to throw the petals away (I'm talking about burying them, don't throw them in the bin): Crush the wet petals into a half liquid mixture, and put it in the bottle as well.
  9. Chant:

Goddess/elements/Aphrodite, hear my plead, I ask you to give me the man I need

[name crush] is the key, for love, adventure, and joy for me

So mote it be 


repeat If you feel like that's necessary.  


Again, this might not work for everyone, since spellcasting is something very personal. But I hope that this give some inspiration
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