Finding your Wand


a branch cutter
a knife
anything you wish to customize your wand with


How to find your own personal wand.

Spell Casting

  1. Meditate while focusing on your intentions, burning a green or nature scent-related candle for as long as you feel is right, you will know when to stop
  2. Go outside, if you aren’t already, and search for a tree that seems to call to you 
  3. Sit at the base of the tree facing it and place your hand flat on the trunk 
  4. Ask the tree in your head or out loud if you can use it’s wood. 
  5. If the temperature of the tree gets warmer, it says yes. If it gets colder or doesn’t change, it says no. If the tree says no, DO NOT USE IT. Find a different tree and repeat. 
  6. If the tree says yes, pick a small branch and carefully cut off a piece, placing any extra pieces or leaves at the base of the tree where you were sitting. 
  7. Once you’ve collected the size piece you want, say a blessing over the wand.  
  8. Once the blessing is said you may carve, decorate, etc. 
  9. When you’ve done all you wish to do to it, test it by focusing your energy into it. If you feel the energy through it, proceed to the next step. If not, you may need to charge it in moonlight. If that does not work, you may need to focus more on your energy flow or restart and do all the previous steps again. 
  10. Go give thanks to the tree by saying a blessing over it to wish it growth and a long life.
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