Simple Protection


Oak leaves, or leaves of another tree with protective properties



A simple protection spell which does not require expensive exotic ingredients or much time. This spell involves smoke; do not practice in a poorly ventilated area.

Spell Casting

This spell is designed with ease of use in mind. It can be preformed over anything from a candle to a bonfire. 

Oak is a preferred wood type for wands utilized in protection spells. The purpose of this spell is to aerosolize the protective properties of oak.

Begin by starting the fire.  Place your leaves over the flames and allow the smoke to drift around you. As it swirls around you focus on your intent to protect, and visualize the smoke saturating you and your surroundings with protective energy. You should find that you are more resistant after preforming this spell. The scent of the smoke may linger for multiple days. 

For best effects use slightly damp leaves so that they smolder and produce smoke rather than just burning. I do not recommend inhaling the smoke, as it is quite acrid. 

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