Love Me Spell


Dried Red Rose Petals (A Lot)
Jar of any kind
Sea Salt (A lot)
Red Tapered Candle
Piece Of Paper and a Pen
A dim room
Complete Concentration


With this spell, it is simple, but there are a lot of ingredients and steps. However don?t feel overwhelmed, this spell is effective if done properly.

Spell Casting

The first and most important step is to fill your jar with water and sea salt, then add the dried red rose petals, and ask the Goddesses to bless it. Let the concoction sit for 3 days. 

When it has, your spell is ready. So grab your tapered candle and carve the persons name on it (close to the top) 

The next step is to make a large pentacle with the sea salt ( Large enough to sit in with your ingredients.) outline the pentacle with your rose petals. 

Kneel in the pentacle with your jar and candle, comes the chant   

“ With the Gods to hear, 

  And Goddesses to see, 

   By the powers of 3 times 3 

   Make (persons name) love me.”

As you’re chanting this write the persons name on the piece of paper, fold it, and put it into the jar of petals and water, light the candle and keep chanting until the name completely melts. 

When it has blow out the candle and clean up. Your spell is complete. 

Side Note: Love spells take time so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while for results. And make sure you want this to work with every ounce of your being. Love spells are nothing to play around with.
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