Long-Distance Healing


1 White Candle
Lavender Oil
A Carving Tool


To heal someone mentally or physically when they are in pain and not in visible reach.

Spell Casting

For best results, do this on a Friday during a waxing or full moon, as both promote healing. 

Before any spell or ritual, it is advised to clear your space of any residual negative energy as to not interfere with your current objective. This can be done with sage or various incenses. Similarly, make sure your own energy and mindset is positive, because you don’t want any negativity leaking into the spell. 

Place your white candle on the altar and anoint it with the lavender oil. After doing so, carve the initials of the person you wish to heal into the candle. This can be for yourself or another person. Once you’ve finished the carving, light the candle and gaze into the flame. 

Mediate for a moment and think about the malady the person you wish to heal is facing, be it something mental (depression, anxiety, PTSD) or something physical (broken bone, infection, virus).

Visualize the person clearly in your mind getting better from this malady, a powerful white light of healing encompassing their form. Visualize this light traveling throughout their body and mending any wounds (physical or mental) that they may suffer from. Once you’ve captured this image firmly, push your energy towards this visual. Feel the energy travel from your heart, up into your shoulders, down your arms, out of your hands, and into the flame. Visualize the glow of this healing light grow brighter as you push more and more energy into the candle. Don’t just want this person to get better, know they'll get better. 

After about 5–10 minutes, or whenever you feel you’ve reached your limit, cut off the energy flow bit and bit and let the candle burn out.

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