Prosperity Ritual


1 Lemon
2 Fortune Incense (Satya)
2 Patchouli Forest Incense (Satya)
Matches or Lighter
Dried Split Peas
Green Bourbon Glass
Waxing Moon Phase


A working to thrive and succeed in a difficult situation.

Spell Casting

  1. Do during waxing moon for the increasing boost.
  2. Pour split peas into bourbon glass.
  3. Cut lemon into fourths, not all the way through, lengthwise.
  4. Stab two fortune incense through the vein part of the outer lemon slices.
  5. Stab two patchouli incense through the vein of the inner lemon slices.
  6. Light the incense, starting from outer working to the inner ones.
  7. Sit in the same room as the incense, letting it wash over you.
  8. Be mindful of its presence and the intention you have it set for.
  9. Continue with what you were doing so long as you remain present until it has burned though.
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