To Summon A Fairy


Any color candle depending on what kind of Fairy you want to summon.
(one candle only)
A clear mind
a towel or mat
An fairy like toy or ornament


Please take this seriously.If you don't bad things may happen. Fairies are wonderful beings and don't forgive if you call upon them for a stupid reasons! Or you can just chat.

Spell Casting

First clear your mind. Now once you have a clear mind,imagine you are in a very beautiful garden but before you do this light the candle of the fairy and put the toy/ornament on the towel near the edge.So you will sit in the middle of the towel.Now you picture the garden and the Fairy you wish to summon.Here are some fairies and their candle colours:

Vampire Fairy- A red candle
Water Fairy - light blue candle
Nature Fairy - green candle
Wine Fairy - purple candle
Spirit Fairy - white candle

Im sorry but if you wish to summon different fairies you will have to
turn to someone else. Sorry for the inconvience
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