Smudge Release


Consecrated White Chalk


This spell is designed to bring in the light when you need to dispel that negative "smudge" and bring in some positive after to much negative.

Spell Casting

  • Begin your spell by getting yourself in the right mood, we all do this differently. I want you clear of mind and without any worries in the world. Example i burn way to much incense/herbs, turn on sounds of rain forest and walk through my metaphysical paradise, and still my mind by shear pleasure in my surroundings.
  • Hold the consecrated chalk in your left hand and close your eye's, raise your left hand to the sky chalk within, lower your right hand point to the ground, take in nice deep breaths count to three in-between deep easy breaths. Take in air through the nostrils, and breathe out through the mouth, do this over and over.
  • Have you found your ease?
  • Take the chalk and draw on any surface your working on (this mean's use a door, altar, ground etc.) the invoking pentagram for water. As you do this imagine a light white raining down on you as you infuse the color of blue to wash around you, this power goes from the top and the bottom of our vessel and eventually is directed into the chalk.
  • Once the symbol is drawn, forget the negative "smudge" around, forget about the spell performed, clean your space like you have no clue what just went down.
  • Remember when we give thought to something it gives it power, once your magick is declared nothing can stop this from working.
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