Inugami: Tsukimono Curse


Red Pen
A square sheet of paper roughly the size of your palm (hand)
Olive oil mixed with one mint leaf


This spell summons an Inugami from the spiritual essence of the caster. This is done in order to perform a hex using Ghosts or necromancy.

Spell Casting

To conjure the Inugami, You must clear your sacred space. Therefore the Inugami's vibrations are venomous in means of lowering vibration. When Your space is cleared, please make sure no own can enter your room or area of the ritual You are ready to begin.

Anoint your hands with the mixture of mint and light or normal olive oil. When this is done place the olive oil aside in a way not to confuse it for an offering for the Inugami. The place talisman paper ( the square slip of paper the size of your hand or palm) in the center of your space. Draw a circle using visualization or a mundane action ( such as drawing a circle around the talisman with your finger(s)) in order to conjure or evoke a protective circle.

Draw onto the Talisman in Red pen the Kanji symbol for Dog.

Say the following incantation, "Ketega, arei no yourishyukiru no Inugami." meanings:

"Ketega": is the sound for a demon being summoned.

"Arei": is the sound for the rising spirit.

"No Yourishyukiru": to come before, upon that casters circle.

"No": is the connecting sound or mantra, in this case connecting the other sounds to the inugami.

"Inugami": wicked dog god or evil dog spirit.

(All these sounds are from the Japanese alphabet of hiragana and can be used in certain lists as spells or incantations to summon, conjure Kami or tsukimono.) (Kotodama, the divine sound)

When the inugami appears in your circle state your name and who you would like to hex. After this is done offer the Inugami, the negative energy created from the spell. He or she will gladly reply, "Thank you." then the tsukimono may leave and not return. If the tsukimono does return you have been chosen as a Familiar spirits partner in magical aid. If the Inugami does not return destroy the symbol on the talismans if the familiar comes back to keep the talisman in a wooden or pricey box to help in your family with care.
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