Should turn you into a vampire in three days. Expect body pains, no hunger, and hyper-activeness.

Spell Casting

Relax and meditate. Get a clear head, unwind from all of the things that happened throughout the day. Make sure you're absolutely focused on this spell, nothing else. 

Make sure you've thought your choice through. This is a life changing decision. Nothing will ever be the same again. 
Make sure you read this spell to make sure it's to your liking. Don't want to be stuck with something you're not happy with.

When you're ready, take three deep breaths.

On this night and at this time I ask (Your deity) to please transform me into a vampire.
With skin like granite, unbreakable pale white, cold as ice, and that sparkles in the sunlight.
I ask to have the power of (Power you want)
I will be able to drink human and animal blood,
My eyes will turn different colors, depending on how well I am fed,
Burgundy and the entire spectrum of red if I drink human blood and for six months after my transformation, 
Gold and the entire spectrum of yellow, if I drink animal blood,
But always coal black when I am thirsty,
I will have perfect vision, and full color night vision,
I will be in severe pain for three days, as I am transformed, on the third day my heart will stop forever signaling the end of my transformation. 
I will be able to hold my breath indefinitely. 
I won't feel pain,
I won't need to eat,
I won't need to sleep,
I won't get sick,
I won't have fangs, instead I'll have normal but razor sharp teeth,
I'll never forget anything,
I'll have super strength,
I'll have super speed,
I'll have super senses,
I'll have immortality,
I'll have accelerated healing,

Wait for three days, if none of this comes true it didn't work.
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