Find a lost Item


Undoubted Intention
White candle (off-white works too)
Best done during a waxing moon


Will put you on the path toward finding what you have lost.

Spell Casting

Light the white candle and say this as many time until you feel right (usually 3 times) 

"Though I was careless, 


tossed it around without a clue

I've lost me (insert item here) now 

and I need to find it soon

by the moons waxing glow 

and the tides rise and fall

come back to me (insert item here)

come here to my call." 

Then blow out the candle and go about your day as normal. Try to look forward if you feel you should, listen to what you feel is right and you should be put on the path to find it. It helped me find my earbuds.
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