Conjure up Darkness and fire


3 Red Cherry Candles
2 Black Candles Normal
One paper and Red marker
Your Blood just a drop in the middle
A pentagram with S in the middle for Satan
And 666 on the bottom 3 Cherry candles
A lighter
The darkness and the moon full moon
Circle of summoning


You want little Benny to teach you how to conjure up a spell for darkness and fire to boost your powers I will

Spell Casting

Place 3 Red Candles on bottom and two black candles on top light the candles at night where evils powers are the most strongest and darkness is the most strongest Light the candles after drawing the pentagram and the circle of summoning doesnt matter if its paper or carved in ground but for me i reccommend paper so you can send the message to Satan Drip some of your blood in the middle after you Draw the S in the middle then say these words 5 times while placing your hands over the flames of the candles and make sure to blow out the candles after burning the paper in the middle place the paper in the middle and light it on fire and say these words after lighting the candles and the paper Lord of darkness come to me Satan the lord of the fire i wish to gain more power in my body let the energy flow through my veins and spare me the power to gain control fire within me darkness command the powers of darkness cut myself with this drip of blood as a gift from me to you lord satan let me command the powers of hell so mote it be let darkness take over my soul now blow out the candles after saying it 5 times make sure its in a cold area
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