Spell to Change Someone's Mind


The first line of this spell is the most important aspect of it. You need to ask for help with this task, it involves projecting your mind into that of another, so you will probably need a powerful energy to help you with that, unless you have a natural affinity for astral projection or telepathy. You should focus your energy on summoning a powerful spirit to aid you. I often repeat this part of the spell multiple times. Who you ask for help with your magic is entirely up to you.

You don't need anything to cast a spell, however, it wouldn't hurt if you cast a circle of salt around yourself, lit some candles, put on some trance music, did it under a new moon etc however I think if you are in need of help from a spell now, do it while you have the energy to put into it.


A spell of my own invention, it came to me in a time of need. I use it when a person is standing in the way of my happiness. If someone is refusing to help you and you really feel that morally they should, go ahead and cast this. Its not so much black magic in my opinion, its more of a way to make someone understand you and get you both on the same page.

Spell Casting

This is the incantation:

Spirits (or whoever/whatever you draw power from i.angels, god, gods, demons, fairies,..whatever)  listen, let the veil be broken
Hear these words as they are spoken
Go to (Name of person), clear their mind
Keep it open, unconfined.
They will think of me, their mind will race
With my light, this spell I lace
Alter their conceptions, don't break their will   ---omitting the word 'don't' would be dark magic territory IMO
So it feels like their decision, still

For our fates are intersected
Tether us so we are connected.
From here to there, my soul is projected
In their head, my thoughts reflected

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