Calling Forest Spirit's


Food (Plate for yourself and one as an offering.)
Charcoal Disk
Dried dandelion leaves
Drum (Some form of drum will work if you have to improvise.)


Call spirit's from the forest to meditate with as you ponder the world and the natural energy that resides within.

Spell Casting

During the middle of the day gather up your items and head to your favorite place in the wood's. Somewhere its shaded with rays of light coming through the roof of the tree's. I would recommend blending the wormwood root, dandelion leaves, and tobacco before leaving those will all be burned together any ways and they all are used as ways to call spirits. Once you find your place in the woods, you can set up a mini altar if you like. The objective here is attuning yourself with the spirits in nature and being able to feel their presence and wisdom as you meditate. So get what you need to be comfortable there, be it a bottle of wine, pictures of your ancestors and maybe even a yoga mat. As for the food you should bring, if it were me im bringing fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and some corn. Place your foil on the ground to make a nice protective area to contain your spirit summoning mixture, get the charcoal disk good and hot and then lay down the herbs to make a nice smouldering thick smoke. Don't worry about eating that's for after the ritual to help you ground and center better. Sit in the lotus position with the drum in your lap, for this i normally face east but to each their own. Now the beating of the drums, nice and even beats boom pause boom pause boom pause just a nice steady beat. Feel that energy echo through the tree's and feel it in your soul and let the world go, that is the trick, let the world go and fall into the beat, the beat and tree's is all there is, there is no need for words here. Let the beat speak for you, allow yourself to meditate now, and listen to the forest, allow the beating to reside, and just fall into the forest. Should you do this correctly you will have wonderful results, after the ritual ground and center yourself eat up and leave the offerings behind.
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