Become a vampire



This spell


Desire or want to become a vampire


This spell allows you to become a vampire.

Spell Casting

Spell Casting: 

  1. Say this as much as you want: 

“Blood red, pale skin. Moonlight draw me in. Quench my thirst, coursing veins. Let my body feel no pain.” 

  1. Say this once: 

“Gods and goddesses of magic hear my plea. A vampire is what I want to be. Turn me into a vampire with your divine and magical magick. When any type of light hits me it will cause me to transform more and more a vampire. The more light that hits me the faster the transformation into a vampire. I want to see results. Tonight, if I dream about vampires that will mean that this spell has worked. As I so will so mote it be.” 

  1. Draw a pentagram in the air with your finger and say “It is done.” 

  1. You finished casting the spell. 

Note: This spell is permanent once you cast it, it cannot be undone. 

Side Effects: 

  • You will get tired and fall asleep quickly 

  • You will a dream about vampires the same night you cast the spell 

  • Pale skin  

  • Eye color changes to red 

  • Headaches that won't go away even if you take medication 

  • Your genes and DNA will start to change and mutate into a vampires’ DNA and genes when exposed to light and photons even if not directly exposed which will start transforming you more and more into a vampire which will make you sick until the transformation completes itself the transformation will be slow and painful because of the vampire venom in your bloodstream the process is gradual it could take from 2 days to a week depends on how your body is  

  • Thirst and craving for blood 

  • Your vampiric powers and weaknesses will manifest one by one and randomly 

Your Vampiric Powers: 


  • Immortality 

  • Enhanced Condition or Supernatural Condition 

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Agility 

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Combat 

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Durability 

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Endurance 

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Senses 

  • Night Vision 

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Speed 

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Stamina 

  • Enhanced/Supernatural Strength 

  • Regenerative Healing Factor 


  • Blood Consumption 

  • Blood Empowerment 

  • Blood Flow Vision 

  • Contaminant Immunity 

  • Conversion 

  • Vampirization 

  • Daytime Walking 

  • Darkness Manipulation 

  • Defunct Physiology 

  • Disease Immunity 

  • Emotion Consumption 

  • Energy Absorption 

  • Enhanced Intelligence 

  • Flight 

  • Disease Inducement 

  • Haemopotent Replication 

  • Illusion Manipulation 

  • Invulnerability 

  • Life-Force Absorption 

  • Magic 

  • Dark Arts 

  • Mind Control 

  • Hypnosis 

  • Natural Weaponry 

  • Claw Retraction 

  • Fang Retraction 

  • Enhanced Bite 

  • Prehensile Tongue 

  • Psionic Manipulation 

  • Psionic Energy Conversion 

  • Scattering 

  • Bat Swarming 

  • Self-Sustenance 

  • Shapeshifting 

  • Air Mimicry 

  • Animal Morphing 

  • Bat Physiology 

  • Human Disguise 

  • Size Manipulation 

  • Sleeplessness 

  • Soullessness 

  • Stealth Tactics 

  • Supernatural Beauty 

  • Supernatural Survivability 

  • Undead Pulse 

  • Unnatural Presence 

  • Wallcrawling 

  • Wing Manifestation 

  • Wing Blades 

Vampiric Weaknesses 

  • Sunlight - Vampire does indeed burn in sunlight but do not ‘burst into flames’. Vampire skins contain vampire chemical which reacts with sunlight, upon touch to UV rays vampires lose their skin and crumble to dust, stone, ash, bones, gooey piles and some vaporise. However, only some vampires burst into flames that have light touching their heart. 

  • Silver - A vampire will be burned in contact to silver or mercury. However, this method is less useful because silver is very expensive. 

  • Iron - Iron can be used to contain, injure, and kill vampires 

  • Garlic - Vampires have sensitive noses and garlic causes fangs to erupt, running eyes, sneezing, blindness, coughing and skin rashes and moreover a chemical present in garlic can cause the same burning effect as sunlight. Although garlic smell cannot ‘burn’ a vampire but it can cause such an irritation that a vampire would leave the area. Garlic and Pepper spray can cause a vampire to be fatally damaged. 

  • Vervain - A mystic herb called vervain is poisonous to vampires. It burns their skin on contact. If a human is holding, wearing, or has vervain in their system, a vampire cannot hyponotize them. Vervain can be mixed with a vampire's drink which, if drunk, will severely weaken them. 

  • nightshade - some vampires are capable of being poisoned if not right out killed by the plants toxins. 

  • roses- poisonous if not fatal to some vampires. 

  • juniper - a plant that a temporary slow acting, short lasting paralysis on a vampire. 

  • Religious Iconography - The virus that makes a man a vampire is connected to the dark side, any object connected to the light side can in fact damage the virus and so vampires tend to remain away from holy objects. However, not all crosses are equipped with the power of goodness and love and do not affect a vampire. Healing spells can also kill a vampire. 

  • Dead man's blood - The use of blood from the recently deceased can also be used as a method to incapacitate vampires briefly. 

  • Stake - An iron stake can knock a hole in the vampire and weaken it to some point while a normal wooden stake can kill a vampire when dug into the heart and a silver, ash, hawthorn or oak stake can completely destroy the vampire if dug in the body. 

  • Exsanguination - If drained completely of their blood, vampires can become comatosed or even die. 

  • Crosses - By holding some form of crucifix in front of a vampire, a potential victim can cause the vampire to halt, or even to turn and flee. A cross presented strongly enough can even cause a vampire to be unable to return to their coffin, destroying them at sunrise. Direct physical contact with a crucifix will severely burn a vampire, but will not destroy them. 

  • Holy water - Water that has been blessed by a clergyman will burn a vampire if it makes contact with one. A sufficient supply of such water will likely destroy one entirely. 

  • Dismemberment - Dismemberment is a grisly process that involves hacking off the Vampire’s limbs, one by one, to prevent them from rising from the grave and attacking the living. Obviously, any vampire is going to find it to be impossible to get up, wander around, and feed without its arms or legs. Ideally, this should be done with a sword or a woodsman’s axe. 

  • Invitation - The vampire is unable to enter a house without first being verbally invited inside. However, once the invitation was extended, the Vampire may enter whenever it wishes, at anytime thereafter. Thus, as long as the people do not give admittance to the creature, they remain safe. However, once the Vampire has been invited inside, the creature is extremely difficult to get rid of. This usually happens when the household fails to recognize the Vampire for what it is. Once inside, the Vampire will drain each person of blood, one by one. 

  • Fire - Fire causes vampires a great deal of pain and injury; they can, however, quickly heal from even the worst burns if given time and blood. 

  • Decapitation -A vampire can be killed completely if its head is cut out and body burned. The vampire’s body will keep on walking as a headless zombie till it finds its head and after that the vampire will be reborn. 

  • Werewolf Bite - A bite from a werewolf as the venom in the saliva will neutralize the vampire venom in their blood causing them to die and deterierate. 

  • Nephilim Blood - If a vampire feeds on a Nephilim, the blood will cause them agonizing pain and also causing the vampire to burn up from the inside. 

  • Magic - Vampires are vulnerable to the effects of magic. Witches are able to give supernatural aneurysms that cause the blood vessels of vampires to explode.  

  • Soul Trapping - A vampire is not immune to soul trapping and if it loses its soul, it shall die. Life absorption spells work to some extend but you are needed to attack several times.
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