Energy drain technique




A technique I use to drain energy. Technique made from other parts of different techniques that worked for me.

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DISCLAIMER: Firstly, I do not condone harm to creatures or individuals you choose to work this on, you are your own person and take responsibility for your actions and the consequences from them. Secondly, this is my own technique and might not work for you or others; my advice is to do what I did and try multiple techniques, then merge the ones that worked or alter a working one to work better for you.


1. Put your hand upon that which you wish to take energy from

2. Visualize the object full of a colour. Keep your eyes open, the way I do it makes my thoughts merge with what I see so I see the actual object become filled with colour. It should look like the object is actually filled.

3. See the colour start to seep into your hand, fingers, and palm. I see it coming into my hand as a gas, though other ways should work fine.

4. have the colour in the object slowly fade while it moves into your hand, with your hand gaining more colour

5. Keep seeing the colour, but now in your hand.

6. See your own colours surrounding it, and letting itself seep into the new colour. Let the new colour also seep into the surrounding colours. For help with this, imagine two coloured smoke bombs and how they dissipate into one another.

6 1/2. If you dont want to mix it with your own energy, and wish to redirect it to another limb or other object (I.g. Take energy from a living plant and give it to a dying plant, redirect the energy to a certain muscle) then imagine it in a current, going up from your hand, into your elbow, to your shoulder, then passing to the other shoulder, down to the elbow, into the hand and out into the other object. When I say current it can be anything, as long as its the same thing you were thinking of for the energy originally(liquid, electricity, gas, etc)

Sidenote: As just a colour can mean many things, with blue meaning coldness but also sadness, its best (if you can) to connect it with other things as well. In other words, use symbolism by symbols or memories your brain associates with certain things and feelings.  if you're taking blue energy but you're not wanting sadness, think of ice or snow. If you think of something you don't want, (i.g taking in cold energy but not sad, then you accidently think of sadness or something that causes you to be sad) don't try to shove the thought away somewhere, just put a red x or something on it. any symbol that means "NO" or "KEEP OUT", any symbolism that works for you.
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