Wicked Things


Jar with three live bee's or hornets
Picture of enemy
Sulfur powder


A curse to send back the pain someone inflicted on you. Curse contains poisonous substances and should be used with care.

Spell Casting

                                          If you allergic to bee or hornet stings please just don't even attempt this curse!


First you should clean your area of negative influences, burn some sage or sweep your area, despite being a curse you don't need the extra negative baggage hanging around. You actually want a nice clean atmosphere for the spell so that means physically you should be clean and so should your area. Once you got that together and your bee's or hornets are settled in the jar, you have a picture of your enemy, and sulfur powder ready on hand, draw in energy to your area. Personally i used Egyptian musk and boiled mandrake root to help infuse the right energies i was looking for and pulled in energy from the earth.

On the back of your enemies picture write this and after fold it in half:

"Slander me not your days of hurt no more, you challenged my patience and opened this door"

Now the hard part, use something easily accessible to scoop out your sulfur powder, it is known to be toxic so wear a mask or something. Without letting out the bee's or hornets drop in a scoop of sulfur power, and the now folded up photo of your enemy. Close the jar and bury it in your yard or somewhere it can never be disturbed.

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