New Friend Spell


Black Mirror
Sage stick
Paper & Pen
Offering for God/Goddess's/Patrons


Attracting new friends, simple and effective for beginner's working with mirror magick.

Spell Casting

Clean your area of all negative influences, use the sage, use a broom or even a bell, just clean it all out. Set up a lovely offering to your spirit's or Patrons, limited of course to your imagination. When your all set, sit in front of your black mirror with the pen & paper beside your writing hand and the bowl of water in the other. Write down all the attributes you want in a new friend, be realistic and logical. Now take the paper with your writing facing down and use the hand you didn't write it with to slowly push it down under the water. Gaze into your black mirror and say:

"Fill my heart with wisdom as i call air to the creed, your servant of old awakens a blossoming seed, my attributes washed within water the demands i need, Hear me clearly as i speak into the black divide, gather my new friend at once i need her/him by my side!"

Allow everything to sit over night, disturb nothing until dawn, take the ashes from the sage and add them in the bowl with the attributes to your new friend, take the offering and dump it in as well, go outside and dig a whole and dump everything inside and let the earth sort out the rest.
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