(Advanced) Attract a Lover Spell


A few Raw Clear Quartz Points
A small glass bottle or mason jar.
Mortar And Pestle (optional)
Charcoal Tablets
Dragons Blood Resin
Angelica Root
Calamus Root
Graveyard Dirt from Witch's Grave (can be found on Etsy)
Graveyard Wand (Can be found on 13moons.com)
Sea Salt
Sweet Almond Oil Or Grape seed Oil
Burgundy taper Candle


This is my original spell, do not copy! This spell utilizes darker, more masculine and sexual energies to attract a new love partner, usually male. This is preferably done on a Friday when the Moon Phase is on Waxing or Full. This spell is targeted for the more experienced witch who has their own selection of ingredients, However experience doesn't matter, the magick and the aid of the ingredients do!

Spell Casting

By Brady Crowtail, 11/20/2018 DO NOT COPY!!!

Spell Starts at Paragraph 7

The Oil 

Before you start, You would want to create an oil Infused with Dragons Blood resin, To do so you break a few pieces of dragons blood resin and place it in glass jar or bottle and fill the jar with almond oil or grape seed oil. The dragons blood to oil ratio is preferably 1 part dragons blood to 8 parts oil. You can use more or less but to be warned, more could stain surfaces. You would want to let this oil sit in the dark or under full moonlight for at least 2 weeks, it is best to charge it with Quartz crystals. 

The Candle 

What kind of candle you use is up to you, I would do this spell with a Burgundy (Dark Red) Taper candle to utilize the more darker energies this spell takes. Make sure the candle wax is colored all the way through and the core isn't white, because the vibration of the red color really aid with your magick and intentions. The burgundy candle I use is from Michaels (Craft store from the US) Their taper candles for the most part are colored all the way through. 

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood Resin is a dried blood-red tree sap mostly from the Southeast-Asian tree, Daemonorops Draco. The resin is used as a very versatile ingredient for it's use for powering up and enhancing spells, love properties, sexual properties, cleansing properties and protection properties. It has a very beautiful fragrance and it corresponds towards a more masculine energy. It is often used as dyes and inks for magickal workings.

Angelica Root

Angelica Root is often used in Hoodoo for its protection and purification properties. It also could be used to attract a lost lover towards you. It corresponds towards a masculine energy and it has been associated with the deity, Venus, Or most commonly known as Aphrodite. 

Calamus Root

Calamus Root is a poisonous yet fragrant root used for love spells, healing spells and strengthening of any other spells. It has a more feminine energy and has been associated with the sun, sometimes the moon as well.  

Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard Dirt is not an herb or root, but actual dirt from a graveyard. It is often collected from a person's grave, which each person's grave has different properties from the dirt of their grave. (Dirt from a Murderer's grave is best for hexes and curses while dirt from a Witch's grave has a more general use) When the dirt is collected, An offering is always left, Whether it be alcohol, food, flowers, cigars or coins. A good substitute for graveyard dirt is dried patchouli leaves or valerian root (smells really bad). I don't collect my own graveyard dirt but I purchase it, NEVER buy your graveyard dirt from websites or stores besides Etsy. Often graveyard dirt that's sold is just regular dirt that's being sold as graveyard dirt. Etsy is a handmade marketplace website that has multiple sellers, often times the graveyard dirt sold by them is authentic. 

The Spell

Best to be done when It is a Friday Night, at 3AM during the Waxing Phase of the Moon. 

To Start, Cleanse yourself, Whether it be sage, a bath or Florida water. You only want pure energies put into this work.

Now you will anoint yourself upwards with the dragons blood oil, You can be naked and anoint your entire body or you could just anoint your forehead and wrists. Its up to you. Now you will anoint the candle, upwards with the oil.

Using a mortar and pestle you can crush the dragons blood, witch's graveyard dirt, angelica root and calamus root into a powder while meditation towards your intention and focus that your lover is coming. Say it out loud as you are talking to the Dragons Blood and roots to aid you in doing so. 

Now you will dress the taper candle with herbs. Lay some foil, sprinkle the crushed roots and resin and roll the anointed candle around the roots towards you. Now you've dressed your candle. Be warned though- Always stay in the room when a candle is lit, especially a dressed one as the herbs, roots and curios could catch fire from the flame. 

You will start by lighting your charcoal disk in a heat-safe dish and place your dragon's blood resin onto the coal. let the smoke fill the room. As it does, meditate on the intention that a lover (whether it be a specific person or a new person) will come and there will be no blockages. Do this for as long as you want, 30 seconds, 5 minutes, one hour. However long. 

Now you want to place the candle in a holder on top of a black or silver plate and put quartz crystals, dragons blood, graveyard dirt and roots on the plate. Now drop some dragons blood oil in a clockwise circle around the parameters of the plate. You could use 13 drops of oil in this step since in Hoodoo, 3, 7, 9 and 13 are often used as they have magickal properties, and contrary to popular belief, 13 is not an unlucky number, it's a quite lucky number in hoodoo. You can write on a paper from a brown paper bag a petition to attract a lover with a red pen or dragon's blood ink (Etsy is a good place to get it) You can write their qualities, their features, or what kind of person they are. You'll write it down, fold it towards you and place it under the candle holder.

Now you light the candle, and stare at it. Hold both of your hands and feel the energy run through the tips of your fingers, You can have binaural beats or nature sounds playing to enhance your focus. Enchant the candle, feel the energy run through the room. You could open the window to let the natural air compliment your magick. Focus, focus, focus, on attracting that Lover. You got this! 

You can sit for hours or minutes putting the energies into the candle, when you feel it is enough for today, You want to snuff the candle with a candle snuffer, Never blow out a candle in magick as it represents that you are blowing the energy away from the spell. You would want to repeat this every night until the candle runs out or for 7 days. It is best started the week after the new Moon and finished when the full moon is about to start. 

If you have any questions, please message me and I'll get back to you asap. Blessings

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