Dragon claw


Patience and concentration
Mastery of ki beginner level


This spell should only be used by a ki or chi user as it requires concentration and spiritual energy and still ony a few can master it use it to attack or defence it's your choice

Spell Casting

To do it you have to activate the dragon spirit inside you. It's quite easy. Be in a calm state and think of a dragon in your chi trying to burst out of your body. Try to give it some of your ki.  If the dragon accepts it then you may proceed if not try again after some time. If it does then bond with it using your ki do this for a few days and see the dragon being in your control or doing what you want. After that try to get the dragon out of your body step by step as first his mouth then his body and then his heat as he won't come out in one day. You have to keep doing it. After that you can do three things: destroy the dragon and keep its spirit, keep the dragon as a companion or convince the dragon to fuse with your body (he can come out whenever you need or whatever he likes)  You have to be in the first or third state to do this technique. After you have done all this try focusing your Dragon's spirit and your ki in your most dominant hand and keep concentrating on it. Now open your hand like a dragon claw you will feel a powerful urge to leave this state but you have to be in this state for some time. Keep practicing it for few days and then after a week you will notice control over your state. After you have done that strike with all your power imagining a great dragon is striking its claw on your enemy master it and you will become more powerful 


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