Vampire Spell


Night time (optional but better)
Jewelry (any kind)


This is a simple spell to turn you into a vampire

Spell Casting

What 2 Do:
Say this spell 3x

"The creature of the night,
With eyes red and bright,
With skin pale white,
With teeth sharp as a knife,
Make me a vampire.
With one special power,
Which is (power you want),
That thirst on blood,
This is what I want.
I shall not burn in the sunlight,
If I don't have my protective jewelry,
I shall run with the speed of light.
I shall live forever in my life,
Let me live this life.
That I am ready for,
Make me a vampire,
After 5 nights.
Forever more.
So mote it be."


  • You can still eat regular food, but for some people.
  • it may not taste the same.
  • You can wear any jewelry that you want.
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