Inner and Outer Beauty


darkened area
small bowl
essential oil
pink candle
unscented lotion


This enhances the inner and outer beauty of the caster. I tried this for the first time exactly one week ago as an experiment and I had two people ask me out on a date.

Spell Casting

Once your space is darkened, fill the bowl with water and light the candle.
Relax your body and place two drops of your oil into the water.
Mix with a spoon or finger for five seconds.
Dip your fingertips into the bowl and begin spreading the water from the bowl on your face as if you were putting lotion on. Avoid the eye area. As you do so, chant this five times:

"Precious beauty from within, let me feel you upon my skin.
Beautiful inside and out, I long to be.
This is my request, so mote it be

One you are done, rinse with clean water and add your unscented lotion to your face.
I recommend doing this at least once a week.
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