Succubus tail spell (Females only!)


The desire for your tail
A bed where you can do this in private


This is a spell to give you a succubus' tail. Warning: You may experience increased lust towards your lover.

Spell Casting

Go to your bed, and turn off all lights, and cover all windows. Lay down on your bed, and begin to squeeze your breasts. While continuing to squeeze your breasts, chant the following 5 times: "Succubus, succubus, lend me a tail. I do not care if I fail. I want the love, I want the lust. A succubus tail, get one I must!" If you cannot handle chanting this while squeezing your breasts, you must remain calm and focus. Continue to squeeze your breasts for 5 minutes after, but do not stop. In several months, you will have a succubus' tail. Be careful, as you may find your lover far more irresistible than they already were, and may lose control of your actions temporarily.
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