Heat Rash Healing Spell


1 Red Candle(With Cinnamon inscent)
1 White Candle
Ground Cinnamon
White Powdered Sugar


Healing rash.

Spell Casting

This is a spell to help get rid or heal a heat rash.

Hint: (Red candle represents pain) (White candle represents healing)

1) Take the ground cinnamon and powdered sugar in a small bowl and mix them together.

2) Then take the red candle and white candle and place them in front of you and place the mix in between the candles.

3) Light the red candle first and white candle second. Then say:


"Goddess of Pain, Goddess of Healing.

Be rid of the rash, that lies within my body.

For I ask to live without pain and suffering.

To feel more energized and helpful to oters and myself.

Oh! Goddess of healing, please be ri of this heat rah that lies within my body!"


4) After saying the spell once, close your eyes and imagine the heat rash is on you for a couple of minutes.

5) When done, open your eyes and say the spell a second time.

6) After saying the spell a second time, take a sip or bite of the mix into your mouth. Then say spell again a third time.

7) When done, blow out the candles. Take the candles and place them near a sink. Poor the cinnamon down toilet or throw it outside. Place the mix bowl into the sink and fill it with water.

8) Then place the red candle on your right side and white candle on your left side of the sink. Then light the red candle first and then the white candle.

9) Tear pieces of the spell and burn it. Put its ashes into the mix bowl. Then take the ashes of the spell and burry it outside someone where. That way no one will find it.

And then your done.

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