Rhyming Spells


Experience with Magic
Ability to see the Future
You can Siren Sing
You MUST have at least one psionic ability awakened


Please no hate! This spell is my very first one. You can change it up if you want.

Spell Casting

Be Careful! The Incantation is below. 


I call upon the Triquetra Power

To give me abilities on this hour

(State your intention) 

Three by Three with your aid 

My spell will show in three days! 

This spell must be sung otherwise it will not work. You don't need to be able to Siren Sing but it actually works a lot better if you can. This is a spell I made up for people. The spell goes best with binding spells. 


Warning: If you do NOT have experience with magic this will backfire immediately after casted. Thank you for your time. GOOD LUCK! 

  • I also do spellcasting for most people
  • Please enjoy this spell
  • Do not use it against me it will backfire if you want bad things to happen to me
  • I have Siren and Divine Singing 

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