Enhanced Fertility


1 Avocado
1 egg
twine or rope


For those who are struggling to conceive, this ritual can help increase your chances of conception.

Spell Casting

While I strongly encourage anyone who is struggling to conceive to consult with their doctor as there may be underlying issues as to why this is happening, this ritual is a method more for meditation.  The motions of the ritual can help being about the focus and concentration needed to bring your body in alignment with what you are seeking.

First find a place in your garden or yard and dig a small hole (enough to bury the avocado).  Once this is done you will need to cut your avocado in half, which can be done by rolling a knife around the circumference of the fruit.  Pull apart the two ends and remove the seen in the middle, but do not discard!  Carefully crack the egg and remove the yolk, careful not to break it.  This can be done by cracking the egg open and pouring the yolk into the other shell, back and fourth until the whites are removed.  Once done, place the yolk in the center of one half of the avocado.  Place the other half on top and tie a small rope or twine around it securing it in place.  This method symbolizes filling the empty womb (the avocado) with a life (the egg).  Place it in the hole and bury it.  Then meditate before it.

It is important to pay attention to your body.  It will go through cycles and once you are in tune with those cycles you will understand when you are ovulating.  Generally this is the time where you may find a white thick discharge when using a restroom.  That is your body telling you it is ovulating and the best time to try and conceive.  As always, please consult with your doctor beforehand to rule out any medical concerns that may be interfering with your ability to conceive. 

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