Look like foxy from fnaf



Spring or summer

Full or new moon

Foxy plushie


A sample of DNA hair or (extremely dangerous) blood


This now I'll basicly give you red hair yellow eyes and sharp theth and a very small chance you will become an animatronic depending on moon cycle and season

Spell Casting

Draw a ring of salt around you but the foxy plushie on the north side of the circle but the he strand of hair to the south of the circle (optional drip the blood on the foxy plushie for better chances of becoming a animatronic) then chant aloud 5x "I am tired of my body and whant change I want to look like foxy from five nights at Freddy's I want to become foxy please help me become foxy I beg of thee (shout this part) SO MOTE IT BE" 


Eye irritation

Gums hurting 

Hair slowly turning red

For increased chances of becoming a animatronic say everyday for a month takes 3 weks to a year for effects if it dose not happen into that time just keep trying and it will work tried it on myself and friend for me it took 4 months for friend 2 months also the animatronic form is not permanent you can stay in that form for up to 2 hours everyday bye!!!

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