Create Hair Loss


candle (large and black)


Creates a potion which causes hair loss.

Spell Casting

You will only need a small amount of clay. This spell creates a thin muddy potion, which when used as a shampoo will cause hair loss.

First take the clay and dissolve it in the water. Then light the candle and heat the water with the candle. If you can get the water to boil that’s perfect, otherwise just get it as hot as you can.

Chant the following while dissolving the clay and heating the water:

Wisps of smoke from candle of black,
Make the wearer of this potion lack,
The hairs on his head which he so loved,
And reflect the light from sun above,
Upon his now sad balding head,
From this day forward ‘til he’s dead.

Then cool the water (just let it sit and cool down). And you have your potion. This can be used by itself or mixed with normal shampoo.
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