Storms Invitation


Any fragrant candle with a metal lid (the lid is important)
A piece of paper drenched in peppermint tea and dried
An ordinary household pencil
A Stone youÂ’re attached to sentimentelly
A cloudless day/night (Spell will be cast outside) the closer to you home the better
A lighter


A helpful little Spell if your itching for some energetic weather. Good for casting on good and bad mental days.

Spell Casting

Before you start doing anything it is very important that your tea drenched paper is completely dried. Peppermint is used to increase your abilities. Think of it as a boost to enhance your Spell. 

Also the clearer the sky, the better the yield. Think of it like writing a note on a clean white sheet of paper. A blank slate if you will. 

As for the stone. It matters not what type it is or the kind of cut or shape. The important thing is that you have a connection to the stone. It’s used for establishing your energy to the Spell. So the deeper the connection the stronger the Spell. 

So now that you have everything ready! Let’s Conjure up a storm.

1. Find a safe place outside (Perhaps an area you cast Spell’s frequently) and take three long breathes. Really channel your energy. Focus on what your trying to accomplish with this Spell.

2. Using your pencil and tea paper, inscribe drawings of a Sun, Moon, Star, Cloud and Lightning Bolt. Doesn’t matter where or how. The symbols just need to be on the paper.

3. Light the candle and immerse yourself in its warmth and gentle fragrance. Let the wick burn brightly as you take another long solitary breathe. 

4. Place the stone in your non-dominant hand as you light the paper on fire. Place the paper on the ground. (Preferably on stone or gravel. Not grass or wood!) Hold the stone tightly as the paper catches flame. And repeat these words. “Untamed, Downpour, Strike and Flash. Rolling Thunder, Gust and Splash.” 

5. Once the paper is gone and it’s ashes spreads through the winds, put the stone down and quickly cover you candle tightly close it. Let the flame suffocate and die within that small container and steep. 

6. Then quickly place the stone in your dominant hand and tap the candle lid three times. Imbuing your energy directly into the catalyst. Really focus on every tap.

7. Now open the lid and allow all that concentrated smoke to release into the atmosphere while taking one last long breathe as you look upwards to the sky.

You’ve just invited stormy weather into your life. Wether it obliges is up to fate and Mother Nature herself. Please understand that my particular brand of magick is not one that forces results but asks permission for achievement. We are not Gods. But some times we are instilled with their generosity.

Happy Casting! 💚
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