Love Spell


-Sage: herb used to help in magic workings of wish magic
-Moon Flower: an flower used to strengthen the energies of the moon and is used in love magic workings
-Sandal Wood: a common herb used for or in love magic
-Mortar and pestle
-Red candle: love and lust (I don't recommend this candle for it may cause a more dangerous part of this love spell but may make it stronger.)
-Pink Candle: love, compassion, and friendship (recommended candle for this working x2 if you don't include the red candle in this working.)
-Rose quartz Orb
-Three matches
-Strong belief in the powers and capabilities of magic and yourself


this is a spell to make the one you wish to fall in love with you be very sure in your belief and who you want to fall in love with you.

Spell Casting

Sit in front of the bowl and grab one match and light one candle, then grab another match and light the other candle.

Now crush the herbs after they have been dried out on a full moon night. Once herbs are crushed in fine powder place in a bowl. Grab another match and light the incense you have created and grab the Rose quartz orb and pass it through the smoke of the incense while your eyes are close.

Now as doing so think of the person emerging to you open armed ready for you sharing their love with you and imagine the orb light up with your energy.

Now Say spell three times:

Love, my love i give to you,

be my love as i call to you,

love me till i die, kiss me as i

start to cry, love me my sweet mare,

as i say this spell on this night,

so mote it be as this night goes through.


And the spell is Done, wait three days till see the results

and bless you be!
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