Enchant a pen


Pen or pencil
Full moon or moon water


A simple way to enchant a pen or pencil, with minimal tools.

Spell Casting

Take your writing utensil and write on a strip of paper, one large enough to wrap around the pen, the word 'Activate'. Under the word activate, write a small saying that you will remember that will activate the pen. One of the ones I use is "flow of ink, shower my words with power".

On the other side of the paper, write the word 'Deactivate'. Under that word, write a saying which will deactivate the pen. My saying is "As it is written, so must it be". 

Wrap the paper around the pen and hold it to your chest. Visualise your energy surrounding and entering the pen, then say:

"As I scribble and write I may, 

So how it will be today,

Take my words and make them flower,

With my will as your power"

Leave the pen on a windowsill under the full moon all night, or put a few drops of moon water on the pen. You can put the paper inside of the pen (where the ink barrel would be), or you can fold it and throw it away or recycle it.

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