Become a Wolfblood! (Tested)


A time where it is still dark and the sun is not out
Be confident in the spell
Even the slightest bit of pain tolerance


This spell allows you to become a Wolfblood, like in the series.

Spell Casting

Say the spell 3 times:

"Gold eyes that shine in the night,

so bright to bring humans fright.

A Wolfblood I wish to be.

In my human form I will be faster and stronger.

A keen sense of smell,


Supernatural vision,

And hearing to locate even the quietest noise.

I will shift whenever I want or when I get angry;

The full moon too.

Dear wolf spirits I beg you.

Make me a Wolfblood.

I will have (adjective) (color) eyes,

And (adjective) (color) fur when I shift.

Please make this me,



Side Effects Include:

-slight burning up

-aches (anywhere)

-craving for meat 

-running faster

-being stronger

-eyes yellow when angry or feeling threatened

-sick on New Moon

-urges to howl (it's weird, I know)

-improved senses

-wanting to go outside

-more obsessive over family and friends

-might be more aggressive


-smelling a bit like a dog
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