Sickness of mind


A Small bag
Chicken bones{dry}
Dead flowers{really dead]
graveyard dirt{fresh}
3 dead bees(or live)
Cat hair, or something related to the cat family.
Viniger{dont matter}
1 small rusty nail
photo of victim


A curse to allow you to mentally make someone sick.

Spell Casting

TAKE the bones and dirt and flowers, add them to the bag saying this:
"The dead i beg and plee help me, bring my sorrows down upon thee"

Take the bees now and add them saying this:
"Grasp this plee, there minds feel the sting of the bee!"

Take the cat hair and add them saying this:
"when all is said and done, the screech of the cat will make them run"

Take the vinger,photo, and nail add them saying this:
"There now mine to add to the unfree, blast of vinger for the unnsearry flee, there now sick with dismay so mote it be!"
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