Pslam of Flowers


Two ears...

Or you can sing the spell and do what you like as long as you are reading the words...


A poem that reveals the secrets of culture. And this can be used to expel other forces of darkness people send your way. Many magicians use curses, but maybe the most powerful mages do not seek power. I hope this spell will speak words into your life and also your hearts forever more. :3

Spell Casting

The heart is like a vine,

The heart is like a vine, it rows towards love, and when I was given a purpose, I forgot who I simply was, and when I show true colors, a bushel of flowers are tied together in a beautiful bouquet, where has the honor gone, have all of the flowers blown away, a yes!, men would rather grow money rather than decorative flowers, and at times some leaves are mixed into the batch, the hearts is like a vine, but forceful love is like poison ivy, it has the aroma of jazzman, and ties its self around objects in its every direction.
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