Ultimate Healing Spell/Eternal Life


Nothing just a strong mind


This is a spell to maintain your health from every disease imaginable and to defeat death and live eternally in the highest heaven. ps it really only helps/works if your soul is predestined

Spell Casting

On the fifth day of every month for 3 months exactly you will have to go out into the moonlight (if you can’t find the light of the moon watch a video of it) while in the presence of the moonlight guard your chest on the right side with a clenched fist and hold your opposite arm in the air (sort of life you’re being crucified) and scream in your highest voice mentally not aloud
“Just As Fire Burns
Immortals Wake
If A Spirit Is Here With Me Then Take My Place
Be My Remorse Shut My Gates Of Hell
And Release Me From This Torment Shell”
you just have to scream this once mentally and shut your eyes when you’re done. You will then see the spirit that is going to hell for you as a replacement but you have to bind yourself to it so that when you die you can take it to heaven.
Amen so be it
So mote it be
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