Chains Of Mind Control


Powerful Energy


Create energy chains to control beings. Animals, Huamans, A dead person, A robot, A piece of paper you know it!

Spell Casting

WARNING: Use this power for your own risks. I am not responsible for what madness happens when I SHARE this power with the internet! This for both good and evil.

Create chains made out of energy, You can use your energy or natures energy but whatever energy you took it from you have to ask politely otherwise they will have access to controlling instead of you! Use all the energy you got intill you feel tired or stop before you do and then attach them to your target to either their soul or mind. Soul is more dangerous but it gives you your target's energy. Mind is safer and easier to fully control. If it's just the ground or something else just attach to neither. Imagine your energy chain connected them imagine what you want it to do. Start off with something simple. If you're energy is strong and you can create my armor of energy perfectly (OTHER SPELL) then by all means try the hardest one possible. But the target doesn't have to be living. You can see their vision when you try hard enough and even switch places without switching places like only you are controlling the other. If you try this for a month you can make simple events happen. If you practice for years you can control a whole city in a day. I've practiced this for 3 years and I can control a one person FULLY and the others almost the same. It's a dangerous technique but worth it. Message me if you have questions! :)
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