Golem Eyes


Eye wear/Jewelry
The Outdoors


See the things around you slow down as your vision speeds up.

Spell Casting

Go outside and do the ritual as follows:
place the eyewear or jewelry in the container, fill the container halfway full of water, next pour the oil into the container the oil should float take the eyewear/jewelry out and place the wick inside then light the wick and wait until the oil is gone as the oil burns chant:

"Goddess of time, with your sight i could see everything right.
Orion with your third eye give me the power to see through time."

"For the love and sacrifice i've shared: Can I Get An Amen?"

wait for the oil to finish burning and as it does that say "Amen"

pour the water onto the item you wish, then everything should be slowing down when you put the item on

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