Magickal Pathway Of Prosperity Spell


A small bowl

Sandalwood powder

Cinnamon powder


It's too much easy-to-use.

More wealth and prosperity just in time.

You can do this spell once in a month.

Spell Casting

STEP 1: Combine 4 parts powdered Sandalwood and 1 part powdered Cinnamon.

You should use enough to fill a small bowl.

STEP 2: Walk out of your doorway, and out to the nearest sidewalk. If you're in an apartment or condo...go out of the buliding to the sidewalk.

STEP 3: As you walk back to your front door, sprinkle this powder behind you. And stop once you get inside your house.

STEP 4: Forget about this ritual, and go about your life.... over the next several days, you'll be pleasantly surprised...
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