Concept Sympathetic magic


*Normal ingredients that would normally be use in a Sympathetic magic rituals.
*And the place the concept is gotta have a piece of something so you can connect to it.


This is a type of Sympathetic magic that I created one that doesn't focus on a subject but a concept link to an object.

Spell Casting

Now let me explain further on this magic I created, you use an object of any kind such as a plant, notebook, etc. Once you have that you have to go or get something or somewhere to find that concept of choice,then you have to bind it to an object of your choice how you do that is up to you once you did that then your finish but I would make sure it worked, now you can manipulate that concept or redirect it or stop it, bind it whatever. Have fun and hopefully no one has thought of it and created it I don't want to be a complete idiot.
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