-Frankincense incense stick
-One black candle
-A piece of paper and a pen to write their name on (or anything else you wish to bind with).
-Citrine, rose quartz, hematite, selenite, amethyst, clear quartz, any other crystal you feel would work best. (Optional)


This spell is to help someone who causes harm to themselves and others mentally. It will help them see what they've been doing by increasing the energy around the x3 law. The more good they do, it will come back x3, and the more bad they do it will come back x3 also. This will just help to increase it and allow the person to realize the good and bad in themselves so they may fix it.

Spell Casting

Cast your circle and sit down within it. Light your black candle and focus on what you want. Read out once:
When things are wrong, I make them right, bind (person's name) on this night. Let (him/her) see just how (he/she) is. 3x3x3 I bind thee by 3x3x3. What you give will come back 3x3x3. So mote it be!
After you have spoken, light the insense. Say the quote again and then after write down the person's name on the paper (or whatever you used for binding, bind it!) State out loud that when you have the paper you will make sure it will happen and you are in control until the lesson is taught. You can also hide the paper in a place that they spend a lot of time at.
Finally, quote the saying once more and then state:
"If (he/she) does good, it'll be returned x3. If (he/she) does bad, it'll be returned x3."

*It's very important to make what you want clear!*

After that, just relax and imagine the person finding peace in themselves and causing no more harm. At that point, you may blow out the candle to finalize it.

Close your circle and thank the gods and goddesses. Allow the incense to continue to burn.
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