Simple Money Attraction


1 green candle
13 inch cord, green or gold


An old spell to attract money to you.

Spell Casting

Light the candle.

Take up the cord and tie a knot with each line you say.

"With knot one, this spell has begun."
"With knot two, plenty of work to do."
"With knot three, money comes to me."
"With knot four, opportunity knocks on my door."
"With knot five, I am and will thrive."
"With knot six, monetary problems are fixed."
"With knot seven, gain from the vault of heaven"
"With knot eight, increase is great."
"With knot nine, all of this is mine."

When you're finished, blow out the candle, and keep the cord with you.

The money that comes to you may come in the form of an opportunity to earn it!
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