Dark of Red


not much
sharp blade or pin

2 years of black magick practice

a hatred for another

1 SINGLE drop of your own blood

a bowl or platter to put the blood on.

black candle or pentagram drawn on the plate,bowel


spell for hurting another, NOT FOR WEEK STOMACHS, NOT BEGINNER, much hait you dark saints

Spell Casting

sit down in quiet and dark place, turn the lights out and use your candles for light, or use you small little candles you put in your window at christmas time, put your bowel with the candle or pentagram in front of you, summon your spirits for good luck, bring for your blood, put it on the candle or underneath it, or in the center of your pentagram, center your hatred for the person or persons you wish to harm say this chant
black as coal and red as blood curse this man (or men) with blood of mercury, they will get, i drink my blood to start there pain,
this is a spell not for week hearted and should be only used to extremly harm another
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