Armour of darkness


Strong visualization


A short spell that works best in dark places or at night. This spell makes "bad" people less aware of your presence and gives you a minimum of protection against other spell. I don't recommend it against big spells like curse. Feedbacks are appreciate!

Spell Casting

Turn off all the light in the room or go outside at night. Close your eyes, take deep breathes to clear your mind. Imagine yourself being enveloped by the darkness around you. Feel it moulding your body and solidifies. I don't recommend let it go inside you thought, it could possibly do unexpected things. Imagine those things as you chant for yourself: Darkness, come to me. As black as ink, make me invisible to evil. Make those who seek me pain unaware of my presence as a shadow in the night. Repel back all that wants to hurt me. So mote it be.
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