Basics of Chakra


A strong mind


A simple guide on how to manipulate, and control chakra/mystic energy

Spell Casting

This spell is a simple spell for beginners, so don’t expect anything complicated.
All things found in this guide could easily be found somewhere else, so if you don’t like this one, you have options. To begin manipulation of chakra picture an energy flowing through you body, surging through the blood in your veins. Feel the energy flow, imagine yourself as a circuit for the energy. As you grow comfortable with the energy flowing through you, picture it moving the way you would like it to go. Have it form a ball in your hand, or send it to someone else. Feel the energy move the way you would like it to, and then try to make it more dense. Meld it together in to a tighter more powerful energy. Fiddle with it, go wild make a spear, a shield, a figurine. Practice with it constantly until you are skilled with it.
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