Simple Love


Normal paper
Red pin or marker
Rose petals


(Might not work, not yet tested) it is a spell that brings a person of your description to come love you.

Spell Casting

Write down the qualities in a lover you desire on the sheet of paper using the red pin or marker, be specific. Do not use any names for the person. fold the paper and place it in the envelope. Next, take the rose petals and hold them in your right hand. Close your eyes and imagine yourself happy and in love, squeezing the petals tight in your hand. Keep imagining this scene for about 2 minutes or more(longer is better). Open your eyes and place them in the envelope, seal it, and then seal it with a kiss. Place the sealed envelope in a safe place and NEVER open it again. Wait for your lover to come to you. Once you have gained the love of another, destroy the envelope by burning it and burying the ashes.
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