Easy Protection Charm for Beginners


1 crystal of your choosing
1 bag or cloth
1 marker


Simple protection charm to defend against negative energies and harmful spells.

Spell Casting

I have found this spell quite useful as it can protect you from negative energies and harmful spells however it draws energy from the crystal so proper charging is important.

The first step is to get a crystal or gem stone I use amethysts or quarts as they are good for protection spells.

the second step involves charging your crystal/gemstone I find it easier to use an outside source of energy to charge especially for those who have trouble manipulating energy I personally charge mine by burying it beneath a tree wrapped in a cloth marked with my personal sigil for drawing in energy.

However other methods can be used I prefer earth as it is the element I am drawn most to a simple way would be using moonlight to charge your crystal/gemstone.

Thirdly one charged wrap your crystal in a cloth or put in a bag and mark the outside with a sigil of protection this sigil works best if it is a personal one but you can use another sigil as long as it is designed to protect you.

tie the cloth/bag closed and keep it with you as a protective charm or store it in a room you wish to protect.

charge your crystal once it is drained of energy.
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