Summon a Genie


Strong belief
Quiet room
Dry rose petals (as many as you want 1,2,3,4, it's up to you.)


So as you've read in the title it's a spell to summon a genie in a mirror. I hope this works for you children.

Spell Casting

Go into a room (of your choice). Make sure the door is closed behind you and also make sure that nobody can come into you're room and bother you. Now you have a mirror right? Yeah of course you do. It doesn't matter what size or where you have it, it just has to be a mirror of any kind. Get the candles and light them. Put on on either side of you kinda like in a circle i guess. Get your rose petals next, and spread them in between the space of the candles. sit on the floor while doing this. And say this spell :


"Genie,Genie come to me, appear in this mirror and become more than a fantasy! So mote it be!"


4 times.
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