Summon an Undertale AU Sans!


Three bones (can be UNCOOKED chicken bones)

5 coloured candle that are the colour of the Sans's eye that you want to summon

Something that represents the Sans you are summoning


Love of Undertale (of course!)


Here you can summon the Undertale AU Sans of your dreams!

Spell Casting

First, take your salt, spread it into a circle on a hard surface. Next, place the coloured candle (Light Blue for Blueberry, Red for Fell, Dark Red for Horror, Yellow for G!Sans, you get the idea) around your salt circle.
Place the item that represents the Sans in the middle. (If you want to summon a bad Sans, use a tattered red bandana for Swapfell, or a knife for Dust, a collar for Fell, use a cleaver knife for Horror, a rotten apple for Nightmare (Doesn't have to be real), ink for Killer, and a black and white scarf for Cross)
Put the bones around the item, and light the candle.
Then say:
"Spirits, spirits, hear my call. I wish to summon (Name of Sans) from the AU (Insert AU). He will be my best friend (boyfriend if you want)
and protect me with all of his life. He shall stay with me till the end of my days.
This is my will so MOTE IT BE!"
Make sure you yell 'Mote it be' really loud. But not so loud your neighbours can hear you.

Now, good luck!

*Hasn't been tested yet*
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