Casting a Cirlce


Water/Sea shells


This is a ritual before you do any spell casting. It basically helps protect you from any outside danger and is always useful to do.

Spell Casting

  • North= Earth rocks
  • East= Air feathers
  • South= Fire candle(s)
  • West= Water sea shells

Stand at East and connect with the element before saying" "Spirits of Air, I call on you!"
Turn to face South and envision roaring flames and say: "Spirits of Fire, I call on you!" Face West and feel the flow of water running through your body whilst saying: "Spirits of Water, I call on you!"

Finally turn North and feel the earth around you before saying: "Spirits of Earth I call on you!" Still facing North, say: "Mother Nature, I call on you!" Look up above at the sky and say: "Father sky I call on you!" Feel protected on all sides and say: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The circle is cast, Blessed Be."

Do all your spell casting within the circle. Once you have finished, you can close the cirlce.
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